Friday, November 1, 2013

Up words

My husband is so good at making sure he takes a picture I am happy with.  Normally I would be so happy at this great pose with my cool nephew. 

Problem is, I didn't explain well what I wanted the photo for.  I wanted to show my OU spirit (and knew this may be the only potential opportunity to get Jeffrey to pose with me) and wanted to show that if I had a son I would pick one that would play word games with me.  Somehow the good pic became more of an advertisement for Blue Burrito.

So here is my OU spirit with my awesome nephew who plays word games.  With his aunt who has really big eyes (oh I see those glasses to see you with my dear).

Opportunity for retake: zero.


Alice said...

Best blog ever.

Kim Thomas said...

Love it!

Diane said...

How old is he now? Great photos

Sara Watson said...

LOL. the first one is a GREAT promo for Blue Burrito :)