Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alice the Great

Last weekend Tarzan, MJM and I spent time with my youngest sister and her family in Oklahoma.  I always leave there more emergized, refreshed and reflective.


2 parents, 5 children, 20 grandchildren. 27 unique personalities with common heritage, familiar mannerisms, similar traits and different thought processes.

Environment vs genetics is an age old question. It's one that could serve as a great social experiment in our family.

Alice, the youngest, shares my small bladder, we have our mother's hands, the Rand butt, and could pass as relatives in a line up.

She has a similar strong business acumen and drive to succeed. I trust. She trusts with validation. 

She has watched her four siblings and learned from our experiences. I learned the hard way. I am addicted to the deal (thanks dad), I shop online (thanks mom), she underspends (I don't even know who to thank). I cook for an army in 20 minutes or less, she cooks "just enough".

As a 17 year old she influenced my children and as a 32 year old she influences me. Some of the best counsel I get is from the girl (can I still call you that?) who listens and gives an objective (most of the time ;) ) opinion on the situation. She isn't to proud to ask when she needs an ear or advice. Most important, she lives an uncomplicated life always putting her family first.

A proud sister moment this week:
An interview on local TV

Another proud moment, her new venture:

She makes me smarter. She encourages me to be a better mom, better wife, friend and sister.  She has a high moral value and loyalty code. And all 26 of us are damn lucky to share a life with her.


Sara Watson said...

love the TV shot - so cool. The Young family is quite amazing overall :)

Ruth Anne said...

Your skin looks great. Alice is nice.

Alice said...

Warms my heart. And love Ruth's comment. I was all teary eyed about to write my comment and then read Ruth's comment and broke out of it. Thank you Laura, my big sister, mentor and friend.

Amy said...

Nice tribute

Diane said...

Agree the Young family is awesome! You give great advice

Kim Thomas said...

Really nice tribute! Love that close bond too :)