Thursday, November 7, 2013

Font of Knowledge

On Sunday CEM responded to REM with a profound answer to the dialogue in the car on the way to lunch.  REM then says, "Camdyn quit being an encyclopedia".

Later that evening we were watching football together.  In attempt to determine who was the most knowledgeable child (it was Jess) in the sport I did a 10 + 1 quiz.

Question #10 was: What is a down?

Jess responded a simple answer about 10 yards to get a play

REM responded "a turn"

CEM, our encyclopedia (who also as a side night taught herself to play Fur Elise and Royal on the piano yesterday) answered "A down is 4 trys to get a certain amount of yards. If they get a penalty they either move forears or backward friending on the offensive or defensive foul"

On another side note: both Jess and CEM got #3 correct: how many players are on the field at one time?


Sara Watson said...

:) LOL. I want to play!

Diane said...

Of course Jess willwin its football

Kim Thomas said...

Love this kid