Monday, April 22, 2013

When Easter is over..

And you have Marshmellow bunnies left over.

I first bribed my niece and nephew TK give away 2 boxes, Still with 3 boxes left over, and everyone a little tired from baking at 1140 pm (and maybe a little encouragement from Jess stating that its only fun when the evening ends with something on fire),

REM and Alice chose not to partake in char boiled peeps or odd posing,

In other need is that the fire alarm did not go off, and Tarzan slept through the adventure.


Sara Watson said...

we handed out 2 boxes at the family dinner Thurs night :)

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Diane said...

Lol you swishing down in last pic. why are you up so late baking and what?

Kim Thomas said...

These are posts that make me want to live in Arizona