Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Going Google

Today I was given a huge opportunity to hang out (and when I say "hang out" it is literally a google app thing) at the Google Office in San Francisco with a selected group of executives from this zip code.

At first I was bummed because my intended companion (our CEO) had to back out and I had to brave it alone. Turned out to be a great thing because I got to represent Dignity Health and meet some amazing people.

I got to handshake the brains at Netflix who created the "House of Cards" concept (damn good show, brilliant delivery), got to meet the CEO of, made a new friend (and lunch date) with the Director of IT at the San Francisco Chronicle, met and exchanged information with a published author and decided Chrome is not that bad.

So excited on the way out and realized the only photos I took was in the bathroom (omg heated toilet seat!). The common space is so bright I had to do a Kim Thomas pose to get rid of the glare.

Other observation: plenty of places to throw away recyclables but not regular trash (no pic of that either).

Amazing day. Thankful for a blessed life.


Alice said...

Very blessed. What an awesome day.

Diane said...

I am excited for you! Sounds wonderful:) They are also blessed for meeting you! Can't believe you didn't take more pics.

Sara Watson said...

I heart google :)