Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lost and Found

This weekend I went to the jewelry store to get the batteries replaced on my watch (to be honest is was 6 watches-and according to the watch lady this is very common).

On the way out MJM and I stopped to look at the estate jewelry (and she may have been oogling at engagement rings).

After trying on the rings I went to put on the ring I came with. A homemade original from MJM that watch lady had been raving about throughout the visit. .

We searched high and low. On the counter on the floor. I looked through my wallet, she looked in the case. When I was just about ready to go in to freak out (I mean really how far could it have gone?)

I found it! Right where I put it so it wouldn't get lost


Sara Watson said...

sounds like a fun trip :)

great safe spot!

Amy said...

Always the last place you look :)

Diane said...

LOL glad you found it

Kim Thomas said...

I never lose stuff like this ;)