Saturday, November 10, 2012


To perk everyones interest in what may be the funniest post of the year I am anticipating in advance what I believe the  the comments will be:

Abba - this should be in the What a Woman should Do

Alice - maybe ill sponsor a public service announcement for that

Amy - and how is it we are friends?

Camdyn - we should try my signature

Diane - I can help you with that

Kim - doesn't this happen to everyone?

Miranda - that's not fair

Mom - oh dear Laura

Rachel - my basketball one is ok right?

Ruth - awesome

Sara -  are the rules documented?

Tami - I wrote a check for Clarks football fundraiser

Tarzan - its the banks fault

Stay tuned for the rest if the story......


Alice said...

It better not be about blood drives or beast cancer! :)

Alice said...

Lol breast.

Diane said...

Ok is this something you did to an article of clothing?

Amy said...

Can't wait!

Sara said...

the anticipation is killing me :)