Friday, November 23, 2012

Midnight Madness

MJM was desperate to go to the Midnight Madness portion of Black Friday at Chandler Mall.  She asked several people to attend this event with her and Diane said yes.  Last minute I decided to go.  I am happy to report that we will never being doing this again.  I will shop in bed from eBay and MJM will shop during the day.

Please not that the group photo was taken to show the crazy crowd and was done before the stampede where I saved a girls life, the bloody forehead of a girl patron and before the verbal altercation that occurred between me and the with the trashy moronic boys that were behind us.


Diane said...

It was crazy! I prefer day shopping and had fun hanging out with both of you. I wish I could keep my eyes open and I need to try smiling and show my teeth.

Kim Thomas said...

This is a blog I never thought I would see.

Sara said...

oh my! I will never ever ever leave my house to go into a store on Black Friday. I'm all about Cyber Monday. Black Friday consisted of sleeping in, liquid lunch, and a good nap :)