Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catalina Island Get away

Sometimes I wait too long in between vacations.  My last get away was September 28 in Oklahoma.

With the events of the last 13 days I waited way too long for our scheduled October Break get away (this was evident in my state of well being/headache, nausea, general feeling of crap that has surfaced in last 32 hours).

So after a morning filled with work crisis we finally headed to So Cal.  Had a great surprise run in with mom and dad at airport, a surprise helicopter ride to Catalina Island, a Zac Efron (please note he too has a crooked lip like mine, is super nice and kind) siteing and movie at the theatre built in the 20's.

Thank goodness for a sleep in day tomorrow.  I plan on waking up feeling 100%.


Kim Thomas said...

Looks like Super Fun! Here's to feeling better for the weekend

Diane said...

He(Zach)is a cutie! helicopter ride sounds fun. Hope you feel better.

Amy said...

I totally crush on Zac Efron. Lucky you!

Sara said...

how fun! too cool you have a pic with Zac. How jealous were the kids?

I need to schedule more getaways!