Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet a new friend, saw an old one

This week I made a friend on the plane (third year U of A medical student going to San Francisco for a medical conference).

While engaging in conversation is usually not my thing during what should be my quiet time, I was intrigued when he told him roommate that his Indian father had bought the Taylor Swift cd this week (my review - love 22 for obvious reasons but the songs feel forced and unimaginative).

We talked about the election, India, which speciality he was leaning to and Michael Dell/Steve Jobs.  He was squishy when I asked him if he carried an iPhone. His Samsung was stolen and he was carrying his old phone.  I said to him "if you have a flip phone I am so going to judge you".  He then pulled out the much loved, much missed Pearl.

I am so totally not judging (good thing he gave is Razr to his sister).


Diane said...

Your new friend does not want an I phone either?

Alice said...

The pearl was not a bad little phone.

Sara said...