Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caramel Popcorn

For the past couple months the response to Tarzan when he asks "how much do you love me" the answer is "more than caramel popcorn". In fact, I am not sure where the caramel popcorn craving (obsession) has come from, but I my diet cheat of choice is clearly changed.  Add the Zebra (chocolate covered) and I am in overdosing joy.


Sara said...

oh, now you've got me thinking! mine has been kettle corn. the A&M games have it fresh, and I got addicted with having games every Saturday during September. I'll be in withdrawal now until mid-November :( they had some at a festival during the beach trip, but I sampled some and it was just not as good :(

Diane said...

I had kettle corn last night from that place in the mall, chocolate covered sounds good.

Kim Thomas said...