Monday, August 13, 2012

"When I'm 64"

My dad wanted to make my mom's 64th birthday extra special (I think he has been planning this party since the Beattles wrote this song) so a surprise party was planned and executed. The Beattles loudly proclaimed "When I'm 64" as they were walking up.  

So another Happy Birthday to the best mom ever - and so fashionable in red.

 Arizona Siblings (Miss you Joe and Alice)
 Arizona In-Laws (Miss you Megan and John)

 Tami look like grandkids
 Laura look a like grandkids (and apparently stripes are in)
 Ruth look a like grandkids (minus Herston who refused to be in the photo)
 (Herston smiling on his own terms)

We miss the Joe and Alice look alikes!

And then we danced, and sang, and screamed ("Uncle Ash do you like my singing, the girls took the microphone away" - which promptly returned the microphone to the best screaner, I mean singer there)



Diane said...

Happy birthday again, I know your mom had a great time! You definately have the party house!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Mom of Laura!!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

ohmygosh, that looks like so much fun! RO at Herston :)


MoM said...

Thanks again! It was a great party and I was very surprised. Love you all!!

Kim Thomas said...

Love the family pics but nobody is swimming