Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adrian, MI

A couple weeks ago Tarzan invited me to come to Chicago with him for a presentation. Since I can currently work from anywhere I took his southwest points and booked a flight to come.

The night before we left it was discovered that he needed to go to Adrian, MI not Chicago, IL (closest airport Toledo, OH next closest Detroit MI). I quickly looked for new flight options.  For him it would cost the company $300 per way to change for me it would completely empty the points bank. Chicago, 4.5 hour drive here we come.

I have to admit driving here I was thinking (and said out loud a few times) "this will forever turn into that - remember that one time drive" as we drove through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and finally Michigan.

God is wonderful and mysterious. Adrian is exactly the place I/we need to be. We were invited to stay on campus at the Retreat Center for the Adrian Dominican Sisters Congregation (insert twin beds here).

Today, an emotional work day and just 11 days before I go back to Dignity Health I was re-grounded in the ministry of healing. In this humble, peaceful, small town and this quiet, spirtual campus.
Spent the day working and reflecting in the awesome place that was created by the sisterhood. And then explored the town. Great and much needed recharge.

My adventures:

On campus
(Weber Retreat and Conference Center)

Weber Circle Garden
Labyrinth (blog to follow-pretty amazing)
Cosmic Walk/Nature Path
Follow land
Dominican Arch Sculpture

Off Campus
Catholic Charities
Helicopter statue
Fire Department
Adrian High School (home of the Maples) Yard Sale
County Fairgrounds
Local barn
Main street clothier and antique furniture
Salsarita for lunch
Tom Hortons for coffeee
Meijers for fruit

When Tarzan and I reconnected at the end of the day he said, "I feel like I havent seen you for days". A full amazing day. I felt the same way.

Now, onto Chicago...


Kim Thomas said...

What an awesome post! ILY!

Kim Thomas said...

Hey, I'm going to Chicago too ;)

Andrea said...

I want to go there!! I love a small town. So glad that you are reconnecting with your calling and actually doing something towards it. Good luck!!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

aw! that is fantastic! God truly does have bigger plans than we do :)

Diane said...

Love the stained glass. you certainly make the most if a trip! And found a goodwill too.

Kim Thomas said...

Looks like a place I should go