Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello Universe I love you

Thoughts for today:

God is wonderful and mysterious,
I have wore my contacts 5 days in a row - I think I'll make today a 6th.
Happy Birthday to Karen C.
I am celebrating my wrinkles (that could change tomorrow, or even later today).
My house is not near as chaotic as I thought it would be with the Alice remodel
Man I am a blessed

Song in my head: Whistle (the Disney one, not the Flo-Rida one)


SAngRiA Smiles said...

5 days in a row of contacts????

I think this is going to be my first pair not to have cried in. Luckily I skipped crying at the proposal :)

MoM said...


Diane said...

God is great! No glasses for 6 days wow. Alice remodel? What is that?

Andrea said...

Whistle while you work?

I really don't see you as a dwarf, or Snow White...

You are lovely!!

Kim Thomas said...

I want to be loved