Friday, May 18, 2012

My Grandpa Rand

They say that smell is the strongest sense of all.  I believe this to be true because Obsession and Drakkar perfume takes me back to High School in 5 seconds or less, vanilla brings Dallin memories flowing in, oil and gas take me immediately to Bonneville Salt Flats and the smell of sterile takes me directly to 1991 at Scottsdale Healthcare.

My mom's father was a smoker as well as a 10 cup a day coffee drinker.  The smell of smoke anywhere doesn't trigger many memories.  But the coffee always takes me back to his trailer.  He sitting there with his mug while the children played around him and the adults talked.  While not incredibly affectionate, being close or his brief kiss on the forehead or cheek, he always had the smell of strong bold coffee.

My family is not coffee drinkers, I however am.  Love the smell, the taste both in a mug as well as flavored in ice cream (Ben and Jerry's Coffee Health is definitely served in heaven).

Every morning when I take my first sip of coffee grandpa is there, he is even stronger when I am travelling since Hilton coffee is strong, bold and pungent. Its my moment each morning to reflect and thank those many family members that paved the path ahead of me, in this, my blessed life.


Kim Thomas said...

I am a believer that the sense of smell creates the moat memories. Have several that bring me right back to my grandparents

Diane said...

Pepsi reminds me of my dads mom even though the formula has changed over 30 years ago.

Andrea said...

I can't imagine losing my sense of smell because it is so very true how connected it is to our memories.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

definitely the sense of smell brings memories flooding back. when I smell instant coffee with milk, I think of my Grandmom :)