Saturday, May 26, 2012


My siblings and certain other family members have a very distinct laugh when overly amused. Not the hee hee, ha ha, courtesy laugh. But the raw deep down belly chortle.

In 2007 this entertaining outburst (which most often surfaced when my dad tells a bad joke) needed a name. The type of outburst when lol just isn't enough.

*TO looked to much like you were addressing someone

*LO seemed like the opposite of high

*JO sounded just like his name

*RO had potential (and ultimately stuck because it alternatively has been named a Random Outburst.  For full definition go to

*AO just didn't roll of the tongue

And the MJM inherited it. A projection so loud that it anyone within 50 feet can hear it (and either smile or be annoyed at the noise coming from my beautiful daughters mouth). Truth be told it is much more similiar to an Alice laugh then any other family member.

Last night at 1130 pm an unknown black girl knocked on our hotel room thinking the awestruck more than a giggle was her roommate. So now it can be described in as a BCO (black chick outburst).

Darn that MO is already taken in the acronym world as makeout.


Diane said...

Great story and description! Bco

Aunt alice said...

Love mirandas laugh. The niece doesnt laugh far from the aunt.

Kim Thomas said...

RO....well said and Miranda does stand on her own

SAngRiA Smiles said...

aw :)

MO..... heehee :)