Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4 Seconds of Fame

Saturday night Marco excitedly reported out that he had seen me and Tarzan on a PBS show CHECK PLEASE. It took me a while to figure out which restaurant this was since Tarzan and I love targeting every hole in the wall, local, dining location from 7th Ave to 7th Street.

I finally figured out which place he was talking about. A great place called Hob Nobs. I have taken many guests there and shared my love of the owner a couple times. (I was complimenting her coffee one day and dissing Starbucks. I was trying to get her to bad mouth the big chain and she wouldnt. Finally I called her out on it and asked, "Do you like Starbucks". She modestly said, "I have nothing bad to say about them. Before Starbucks I had a coffee cart not a restaurant, after Starbucks coffee became a need not a want - With them opening the market I was able to open my dream place". I was absolutley enamoured with her response).

Super cool place. Nice PBS Highlight.

Oh yeah and I love Marco. When I played the 7 min and 39 sec clip today you can only see us in seconds 1:20 through 1:24 (it must be the badge that identified me).


Anonymous said...

Too cool! I want to go.

MoM said...

That was me.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

celebrity :)

Diane said...

How great Marco saw this and shared.

Kim Thomas said...

This was so fricken hilarious.

RO @ your mom