Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

So every year Sara and ABBA list their resolutions. I always have goals but have never put them out to the world.
But I was so impressed with Dawn Meehan (Survivor, I'm really not a stalker) here goes.

1. Build stronger individual relationships with each of my siblings
2. Exercise consistently 5x a week
3. Read 20 books
4. Schedule routine lunches with colleagues and friends
5. Finish O'Haver genealogy book
6. Focus on more domestic travel to support the US economy
7. Write a love letter at least once a month to my husband
8. Build a Lego set with CEM, skydive with REM, be a passenger while MJM drives to CA
9. Double savings account
10. Vote


SAngRiA Smiles said...

Great list! Am hoping for a return trip to Pamplona to tackle #1 ;)

I am so loving your hair (side note)

Diane said...

Good variety of goals. I especially like travel. Everyone should make time for those they care about.

Amy said...

I bet you do it all

MoM said...

WoW, fantastic!

Andrea said...

Those are FANTASTIC goals. Maybe I will borrow some...

Kim Thomas said...

11. BFF date at least once per quarter ;)