Friday, August 6, 2010

Technology parenting

Yesterday I was home sick with a migraine. At one point CEM respectfully peeked on the room to see I was awake.
So happy to see I had one eye open she asked me to come see something. After some probing I discovered she had paused the TV and wanted to show me a product she desperately wanted.
I handed her my phone and said take a picture.
She took a picture and spent the next 2 minutes describing to me the coolest lego set ever along with justification a to why she needed.
The picture is pretty clear.

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Queen B said...

good to know :)


Amy said...

Sorry about your migraine. Looks like a cool lego set.

Andrea said...

Bummer on the migraine, but I agree-awesome lego set! My kids STILL love legos.

Kim Thomas said...

Shocked not by the technology parenting but that CEM has interest in an airplane legos set.

This is the last thing I would pick out for a CEM present.

Diane said...

Lego's are cool, Blas loves them!

Anonymous said...

She is so dang smart. G'ma Rae