Monday, August 16, 2010

Like mother like daughter

On more than one occasion I have been told that I look like Rachel McAdams. The other day at the movie theatre Tarzan was sitting in between MJM and I. On the right side after a preview of her new movie I leaned over and said "Yah know, Lenore always says I look just like her". He responds "Yes I could see that".
About 1 minute later he bursts out in laughter. When I inquired what was up he says, "MJM just informed me in my other ear that a girl at school says that your daughter looks just like Rachel too"
Mother/daughter dopplegangers :)


Queen B said...

haha! yep, I can totally see that x2

I think McAdams is actually a Young....

Anonymous said...

Well, there must be something - but I don't see it. Love you both. Mom

KFuj said...

I see it!

Diane said...

MJM looks so much like you with red hair:)