Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Tuesday I took Mr Hung (the non sales guy not moving to China) to Camu to enjoy fish tacos.
We arrived at 1214
I have had fish tacos many times there, and choose them because I had a conference call at 100, and they are pretty darn good
At 124 when the tacos were served (47 minutes after they were ordered), Mr Hung inquired the delay (i would have inquired but I was out in the 115 degree heat taking the conference call). Apparently the phoenix taco investigator (yes he has a blog) reported Camu at local place to try. The Arizona Republic than ran it as a front page story.
Normally during lunch hour they serve 200 tacos, this week after the press they served 800.
The result was a 2 hour Taco Tuesday. Damn taco investigator.

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Amy said...

I wish I had a clever comment, but I don't.

Kim Thomas said...

How was the volume?

Anonymous said...

Well, think I better try them, but not on Tuesday. Mom

Diane said...

I want to try them.