Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cyn on the Mind

Jane to Tarzan "What is a Cyn (pronouncing it Sin)"
Tarzan trying to not laugh "Its Canyon"
Who knew?

Someone knew
(and would I have noticed and understood this plate had I not been embarrassed 3 days before?)


Jenn Ann said...

Tarzan is a good man! Large outburst of laughter (ok an audible giggle) at 5 AM from me. ;)

Though it could be that I was just exposed early since our first house was on Morning Cyn.

This will become a new photo collection for sure!

Jenn Ann said...

I'm actually contemplating driving around to capture all of the Cyn signs I can think of...hey, I have time on my hands ;)

Amy said...

Nice learning/teaching moment

Anonymous said...

Who knew. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

Everybody in California writes Grand Cyn when their planning a vacation to Arizona.

Ruthie Girl said...

I have seen weird postal abbreviations.

I think at one point, I didn't know that, but I didn't say anything.

Queen B said...

thanks for learning me something new today :)