Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birth Order (second born's have to stick together)

Hey, this is (fill in the name) Thomas. My Aunt Laura loves my mom so much she decided to post my picture (my mom is a first born). I know that it is not all that recent (darn doctor, he seems to think that we cant take another picture until 22 weeks), I also know that my smile is not near as big as my big sister's (who is also a first born) but I will definitely be the cutest and the smartest (just like Aunt Laura, Aunt Becca, Elizabeth, REM, Clark, Emma, Ethan).
Ok and maybe mom and Sydney.

BTW I get first dibs on Laura's curling iron. She has also stated that she will jump on the trampoline with me if it is not socially acceptable for me to use hot utensils on my hair when the doctor takes another phot in 4 weeks.


Queen B said...

2nd borns always get hand-me-downs.... curling irons included, I guess ;)

Fire Hunt said...

Cute post!

Jenn Ann said...

I still say Second Born Thomas is a boy...and won't need a curling iron. ;)

Diane said...

Being a first born I have to say we are cute too...just look at Sydney, could you get any cuter!?

REM said...

hey what about my mom popping your zits, is that something you have dibs on. LOL