Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where do you get you news?

and how do you handle tragedy..............................

SPOILER ALERT (If you dont already know it, Michael Jackson is dead)

2:26 PM Michael Jackson is pronounced dead

3:24 PM Kim calls, "hey are you getting as many calls as I am".

Me, "for what"

Kim, "I received like 10 messages, Michael Jackson is dead"

Me, "darn that he had to die now. Its a shame that he didnt die in his prime like Princess Di. People will remember him as wierd"

Kim, "you really didn't know"

Me, "no I'm in a shell. And my news sources aren't as good as yours. I am going to send Tarzan a message if he knows"

Me: " Geez, it looks like he might be interested. I think that I am going to notify my family to see if they know and how they react"

3:32 PM Text to family "Did you hear that Michael Jackson died"

3:33 PM Text from Megan "No are u serious"

3:36 PM Text from Tami "I need details, so did Farrah Fawcett"

3:36 PM Text from Alice "Yes, totally sad biggest loss of our time I think"

3:36 PM Text from Joe "Sure did. crazy"

3:42 PM Karie comes to my cube, "hey did you hear that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today

3:43 PM Me "Yeah I just heard"

3:49 PM Diane sends me a message

3:57 PM Text from Tami, "so when I am asked 10-20 years from now? How did you hear about MJ death, I can say my sister

4:12 PM Text from Mom "Yes cant believe it - Ed McMahn, Farah, and Michael all in one week"

4:29 PM Steve sends me a message

4:25 PM Text from Paula "Yeah, very surprising"

6:05 PM Text from Dad, "Yes he died a wierdo

6:08 PM Text from Dad "Btw I am so old I remember when Farrah Fawcett was a fox"

6:09 PM Text to Dad, "Lmao! you win my social experiment"

6:54 PM REM, "Hey mom did you hear Michael Jackson is dead"?

Michael Jackson RIP

Farrah Fawcett RIP

Ed McMahn RIP


Death at any age sucks

Sudden death gets more attention than a long drawn out or old age death

The King of Pop had an effect on us all

Emergency call trees do work

My network of informers are so awesome

I need to be on speed dial with David Thomas and/or Fox News to be in the know

My family is so cool

If you need to know something don't rely on your 12 year old

This is the world's longest post and I didnt even bring up facebook

I am my father's daughter


Kim Thomas said...

Michael Jackson has had no impact on my life

Kim Thomas said...

BTW: Love all the responses.

Jenn Ann said...

I heard the news at 3ish from the people that are supposed to be selling stuff for me. It was so early in the news cycle that there were conflicting reports as to whether or not he had actually passed away. Once they told me KFI reported it, I believed it. Most interesting comment I received was that they felt bad for Farrah Fawcett since her death only got about 4 hours of coverage before being overshadowed by MJ.

Paula said...

here's an interesting addition to your social experiment.
In today's Lexington Herald-Leader (our local paper), MJ's death got the front page. Farrah's got the 4th page OF SECTION B---The "City/Region" section!!!!!!!!!!!!

How's that for bizarre?

Queen B said...

Jane, to really be in the know, you need to be on my mom's IM list. She informed me around 3pm (Pacific), like Jenn, when the reports were still conflicting.

Then, I updated facebook and had 3 friends with status updates... very similar to facebook updates informing me there was a tornado going through our area last month.

Queen B said...

I'm calling bs on KT's first comment

Miley Cyrus twittered, "Michael Jackson was my inspiration..."

I know Hannah Montana has impacted KT's life ;)

Alice said...

I knew within minutes. I have a friend who is a producer in Hollywood (Yes one of the only artistically successful people from NSA) and he had it posted on Facebook.
Michael Jackson has had an impact on my life and I am profoundly offended by the things that people are saying in his time of death. One girl I went to high school with said and incredibly cold and disgusting thing about him as a facebook comment. And Perez Hilton the infinite loser speculated his that this was a fake in order to draw attention to himself.
While working out today I was watching Michael Jackson's video and the video for Free Willy came on, which both Emily and Megan commented as their favorite song from Michael Jackson, and I was listening to the lyrics. My favorite line is when he sings "And I'm only human." I hope when we die that we can be remembered for a powerful legacy and I hope that instead of people remembering our mistakes we will be remembered as only being human.
To my surprise Jeffrey was even sadder than I was. Yes, Michael Jackson has had an impact. Even on a ten year old.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was very talented. I loved Thriller and thought the video was amazing. I loved "The Man in the Man". Well, he did have so many hits. I am saddened by his death, as I was with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and others that seemed to have everything most of us so admire - talent, fame, money, etc. and yet they still aren't happy. So, then finding out how to find JOY in life is our real important goal of life. I love my family and circle of influence around me. Mom

Anonymous said...

This is weird. Not only did I read the entire blog and the comments, and I adding something. Weird. Michael Jackson's legacy: weird. Talented, amazing, unbelievable, fabulous, weird.

Ruthie Girl said...

I would have to say that my news sources come from both sides:


Anyway, death effects people even if the person did not.

Kim Thomas said...

Queen B: I am not impacted by Hannah Montana....yet

Anonymous said...

Alice......I agree with what you have said re: MJ. However, the "mistake" that you were referring to was a little more than that. He was accused of molesting children, the most disgusting thing a human being can do another human being. And while he was acquitted, it has left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. I'm not debating what you said b/c there is no doubt that the man was talented (and tremendously sad and lonely) and I did like that Free Willy movie... it's just that for some, his bizarre and potentially illegal behavior has lingered longer than his overwhelming talent.
No one is exempt from death, but all should be exempt from cruel and disrespectful comments, especially once our time on this earth has expired.

Anonymous said...

Laura, after reading your comments, now it is me who is LMAO.

Laura's Dad

Amy said...

I heard the news in my car on the radio. I called my sister Paula to make sure she was handling the news OK. I owned the Thriller album on LP. It had a nice fold out of Michael. He was black then.

Alice said...

"No one is exempt from death, but all should be exempt from cruel and disrespectful comments, especially once our time on this earth has expired."

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly a week of loses - Ed McMann, Farah and Michael. Poor Uncle Ron will remember his 60th birthday as a special day for him but also Farah & Michael died on his birthday. Happy Birthday to Uncle Ron. Auntie Em