Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Reflection of your personality

If the magazines you read are a reflection of your personality, what is mine?
A stylish Rad Tech who is a handyman and likes People?
(Poolside, in birkenstocks and a great pedicure)


Anonymous said...

Well, it does look well rounded. Mom

Paula said...

Man, I am one boring person then:

Good Housekeeping
Reader's Digest
Smithsonian (just expired, not renewing)

Paula said...

Craig gets a poker magazine a couple times a year and for whatever reason, they always wrap it in a black wrapper. What does that say about that mag?

Queen B said...

I'm "OK" :) you're definitely more diversified.

Amy said...

The only magazines I subscribe to are The Ensign, New Era, and The Friend. You have an eclectic taste.

I enjoy reading Good Housekeeping and People but I never buy them.

Ruthie Girl said...

A nice combo, especially the pedi with birks. Nice touch.