Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's all relative

After hanging up the phone with Paula:

CEM: I am going to name my child Polly and Jackson
Mom: Why?
CEM: It's kind of like naming them after my relatives
Mom: OK??
CEM: You know Mollie and Paula mixed and cause I like Jackson


CEM: Mom how am I related to Jackson
Mom: He is Megan's nephew
CEM: So Joe is your brother, what is Megan?
Mom: My sister in law
CEM: So Jackson is my cousin in law
Mom: Exactly
CEM: OK those are my names. I like Abby and Abigal too


Anonymous said...

Clever - I was always going to name my first daughter Judy Joyce ( my cousin and my aunt) but of course I eventually changed my mind. Mom

Jenn Ann said...

Ask CEM to name the twins. These just might be the temp names...

Queen B said...

impressive... I totally have no names... let alone anything creative

Kim Thomas said...

LOL, My comment for this turned into a blog. So see my blog.

Megan said...

That is so funny! Camdyn cracks me up!

Ruthie Girl said...

I love that Jackson is your cousin in law!