Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My nephew Ethan

The other day we ran into the Skinners at Golden Spoon (the second best frozen yogurt in town). Ethan comes over to sit on my lap. I immediately notice his green tongue. He admits he has been snacking on M & M's - his favorite candy.Then the following conversation ensues:

Jane: Ethan what do you want for your birthday since it is so close and everyone is only talking about Christmas

Ethan: Something, Something dinosaur

Jane: Oh is that the remote control one. '

Ethan: Yes it is so cool and probably bigger than me

Jane: What else do you want?

Ethan: A remote control car

Jane: What color?

Ethan: Blue

Jane: How about silver (which is wrapped and already under the tree waiting for him)

Ethan: ummmm no, you can give a silver one to my friend and I will have blue

Jane: Anything else

Ethan: Yes Star Wars I love Darth Vadar, he doesnt even scare me

Jane: Ethan you are so darn cute we should get a picture

Ethan: Ok, but I want it of my green tongue and your long one

He has won my heart for sure!


Agent DragonFly said...

This is a great blog!! And by the way I take special pride in my tongue at least reaching my nose.....(thanks to Gene Simmons setting the bar and for encouraging people to see how long their tongues really are) tongue does reach my nose and I would bet yours does too....
Also I think it is GREAT he LOVES Darth Vader....James Earl Jones' own children/ grandchildren were afraid of Darth Vader......TRUE I saw it in an interview

Paula said...

I would've thought that with 3 children of your own, you would already know when to stop the line of questioning.

Great pic though!

Jenn Ann said...

1) I love Ethan! He's so darn cute!

2) your freakishly long tongue rivals the Queen's freakishly long toes!

Queen B said...

I can totally hear your end of this conversation...too funny!

love the freaky tongue pic :) and especially that he called you out on having a long one!

Ann said...

This is a great post, Jane! I would just like to know why you were all at the 2nd best yogurt place...was the best place closed?

Alice said...

Ethan holds a special place in my heart for conversations just like this one!

Kim Thomas said...

He couldnt be more adorable. As for your tongue I have a rebutal post coming......

Ruthie Girl said...

I just think you are a exceptionally great aunt that you would even brave the return line to get him another one. That is love!!

(His conversations are so funny. I think he would make the world's best filibuster; he can talk forever.)

Ruthie Girl said...

Yes, that is a nice tongue. Do you think that debate is like exercise for your tongue and therefore it can get bigger? I bet your tongue can bench press more than my tongue.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Mom