Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mom will you hold?
2 Purses
1 baby doll
1 jacket
1 hat
2 pairs of gloves
1 pretend IPOD
1 rose

In the meantime my phone is on my hip and my keys and lipstick in my bra.


Kim Thomas said...

This morning at Starbucks I was holding:

A bottle
A baby
My wallet
My phone
My keys
Two toys
an Iced Venti Chai
an Apple Juice

Ann said...

A purse wouldn't even have helped you out at that point!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a third arm would come in handy. Love your Moms sweater. Auntie Em

Paula said...

If you had a really really big purse, you could've put all that in it

Queen B said...

yeah... the problem is, if you'd had a purse, you would've been carting some of this around for the next 2 months because it would have gotten lost in the bottom. Or, you would have had to dig for 20 minutes to find your keys. I bet that wasn't a problem for you :)

Jenn Ann said...

Still don't get the keys in the bra. Maybe If I understood, I'd go purseless more often?

Agent DragonFly said...
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Diane said...

What was everyone doing?

Anonymous said...

This was a piano recital at the mall - those not playing were having lots of fun. It was a great time even if I was late. Thanks, Emily I love that sweater. Mom