Saturday, December 13, 2008

Facebook Friend Phenomena

In April I created my Facebook account (ok so I wasn't fully responsible, my internal champ IT support located and created the profile pic and got me set up) The intent was to keep in touch with the HCBC and entertain Kim with statuses.

Fast forward a couple months and I started getting envious of the amount of friends that all of my Facebook Friends had. So I aggressively started gathering friends.

AS most of you know, the best place to locate friends are from your high school group (and my dad's PSI fan club). My first in this group was my nemesis. My biggest competitor in debate, grade point, FBLA, DECA and now my Facebook friend. The conversations that followed cracked me up beyond belief. One friend after another have been added (yes I know that my 80 something doesn't compare to your 300 something). Some make sense, some are just odd.

My latest addition is the oddest. My 7th grade BFF. Our friendship ended in 9th grade when she became extremely jealous of my blossoming friendship with someone with the same name. In fact the relationship ended with a break up note taped to my locker signed : Amy Hansen not Greenwell. We have not talked since 1984.

24 years later it is somehow ok to be friends. Is it a phenomena that no one can really explain or is it that we are both desperate to increase our friend count?

By the way Greenwell - I think you should join!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is just about maturing and seeing life through different eyes. Realizing that they all just stories and the most important thing is friends - well, after family. Love ya, Mom

Alice said...

I love the break up note-- I don't think I've ever heard that story.
I think it's just that there is memories there and you want to see how someone is doing (good or bad) and its an effortless way to be "friends".
That being said I have been denied friendships on facebook and myspace so not everybody is ready to move forward-- specifically ex-boyfriends :)

Anonymous said...

Who is your nemesis? Martha? Darren? Too funny on the Amy story!


Queen B said...

haha. I also reconnected with a former bff that I broke up with. It's fun. I'm so happy you're on facebook. As long as you have the HCBC members as friends, you're good in my book on friend count :)

Kim Thomas said...

Note to self: Beware of other Kim's

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't know where to begin. What is Facebook?

Greenwell not Hansen :)

Paula said...

I'm looking forward to my 20 yr reunion next summer...mostly to see if a chick named Andrea still treats me with disdain (I have no idea why she did @ our 10 yr reunion, I barely even knew her in high school.) Alas, some just don't mature.

Ruthie Girl said...

I am still looking for facebook etiquette when an ex wants to be your friend.

Alice and I agree that facebook must be very helpful for AA/CA, etc. It makes "restitution" much easier when you can find those people easier.

Andrea said...

I too have reconnected with my high school best friend. She and I also broke up after she first stole my boyfriend my senior year and then had me in her first wedding a couple of years later but then dumped me because new husband was a complete control freak. However, the weirdest re-connect was a guy I peripherally knew from Jr. High when I lived in Mississippi who found me through another friend, and I don't even really remember him, but he seems to remember A LOT about me...I must have rocked in a small town in Mississippi in the early 80s!!