Saturday, October 3, 2015

PVT Delka

The last thing I said to REM when she left to go to Fort Leonard Wood was to find an ally, someone had her same value system and could be a trusted friend while she was away from home and from everyone who loves her.

When she first left and I got my treasured Sunday phone call I would ask if she had found an ally.  The couple weeks this caused a tearful REM so I quit asking (because then I was the crying one).  Early on she kept mentioing Delka.  I somehow knew this was the girl that would be the one.

I finally got to meet her at the basic graduation.  The ying and yang between this two soldiers was amazing to watch.

Fast forward to my routine face time with PVT McKay.  Not only do I get to talk to my daughter, but I feel I have gotten to know this one.  I  (because I cry now, geez) cant even get through writing this without getting emotional on how thankful I am that these two found each other!

This is one cool human!


MoM said...

How great to have a friend that you can count on!

Amy Judd said...

What would I do without mine?

Sara Watson said...

and now you've got me teared up. yay!

Diane said...

So happy for Rem!