Wednesday, October 21, 2015


The new house has an ice maker .  A pretty amazing detached from the fridge ice maker.

Before dinner tonight I realized we had a problem (wet ice, water at the bottom).  I decided to wait until after dinner to tell Tarzan so he wouldn't obsess over his pasta and meatballs.

After dinner 

Me "hey honey I think there's something wrong with the ice maker"

Tarzan "what's wrong with it"

CEM "oh the freezer has a problem with the ice too"

Me and Tarzan "what the freezer doesnt have an ice maker"

MJM "no the freezer has ice all over"

Me and Tarzan "what are you talking about???"

Hello children: we don't use the freezer for an ice maker- hence the no bucket to catch the ice. Please push the bar up while I fix the clog in the spiffy ice maker.


Amy Judd said...

LOL Oh my goodness!

Kim Thomas said...

Ro! This is the best!

Sara Watson said...

LOL. Our next house will have an ice maker :)

Diane said...

Oh my! First world problems