Saturday, September 6, 2014

1.8 million acres of forest land

There are certain places that evoke immediate memories; some grand, others emotional and even further some that are just peaceful.  

Sedona is that place for Tarzan and I.  It has always been the place that can relax both of us quicker than any other place.

"Sedona exists at an impossible intersection of soul-nourishing wilderness and pampered luxury—where soaring red rock monoliths cradle an array of resorts, spas, art galleries and boutique wineries." (Sedona Chamber of commerce)

I fondly recall staying at the radison cabin after a trip to the Grand Canyon with Tarzans parents and the kids, another trip hiking, one with friends and the pink jeep tour, I have a perfect memory of thanksgiving there in 2009 (documented with my favorite picture taken by the creek), this same trip found the ideal wedding rings followed by at least 2 birthday spa trips.

After a short week that felt long (that's REMs quote) we decided to take a 22 hour trip there. A minute there it felt like hours.  
And the hours felt like days.
Officially recharged with a while new set of memories.


Diane said...

Love your outfit with the deer or moose not sure which

Kim Thomas said...

You guys look great and that creek picture is an all time favorite. I love you both!

Sara Watson said...