Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wind in your hair - addendum

My parents had a hot house in the summer (in Utah it was a cold house In the winter).  When we moved to Whitton the bathroom situation was horrendous during June and July.  I figured out the best way to do make up was in the Thundebird (in the driveway - full a/c on).

Today this day I prefer to do my makeup in the car (now when carpooling with Tarzan or in the work parking lot), the lighting is just better.

And I cool my bathroom with a fan (yeah Ruth is getting one).  
And I prefer a hotter house in the summer and a cooler one on the winter.  Artificial air annoys me. Thanks dad ;)


Diane said...

Light is better outside but I still do my makeup in the bathroom

Sara Watson said...

LOL. I used to be a car make-up person.... mostly while driving/at stoplights ;)

Kim Thomas said...

73 degrees all the time