Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The demise of photographs

When I retire I have always wanted to take a post in a high traffic tourist area and take photographs of those vacationing.

I often practice this skill (and have now trained Tarzan) when I see a group taking pictures of each other not inclusive of everyone there, or if they are attempting a selfie with a scenic background. 

In the past couple months I have been turned down when asked if I could take their picture while said person was in process of selfie. Saddened by the need of my retirement gig waning I have still been on the lookout where my talent is needed.

Today while in process of a hot chick selfie the offer came asking if we wanted assistance.  My first reaction was no (am I really transitioning to the outside world? Or do I just know how it do a better angle?)

I conceded and we had the photograph taken.
Sigh. It's always better.  Please universe, let's not let the selfie take over good photography 


Kim Thomas said...

And this from the original hot IT chick

Sara Watson said...

I'm conflicted....not 100% sure your pic isn't better (minus the partial face cutting off ;). Best of luck in retirement!

Diane said...

Love both photos. Some advice if another person taking picture should be to fix clothing, lol. My shirt is a mess