Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pour some sugar on me

So, while I am a Hot IT Chick j am often an early adopter on technology but a late adopter on applications (I think this has to do with my dedication to Word Feud).

A couple weeks ago Leah informed me if her new addition to Candy Crush with the warning ,"you brain works a lot like mine- trust me if you start you will be totally owned by it".

Since it took me two years to follow up on the recommendations to watch Big Bang theory I decided to go for the download.
It's true I am addicted (damn Leah), currently stuck on level 29, and annoyed with the time out feature I have had conversations with all oft children on their time spent on the game and have invested $2.98 to get additional lives in level 15 and 23.

The addiction was confirmed when looking at Jess' belly button ring I could only see blue candy.


Diane said...

RO, is it like Tetris?

Kim Thomas said...

Omg. Intervention required. Almost every stay at home mom on Facebook plays this game, I am so sick of it.

Sara Watson said...

LMAO!!!!! (and especially at KT's comment)