Thursday, August 8, 2013

Change aversion therapy

I had the of late rare occasion of being in the same zip code as KT this week.  Because from separate states we have publicly gone on record as unsupportive of the Starbucks acquisition of La Boulange we decided we needed to immerse ourselves and "buy everything on the menu".  Everything meant 21 (geez 21 really, I trying here) items so we settled on 6.

-All of the croissants are actually darn good
-The berry croissant may be the best item Starbucks has ever carried
-The tomato and cheese (insert pizza here) was really good but shouldn't be eaten with coffee
-Loaves were mediocre, not sure I would order again
-Donut but great, wouldn't order again
-"Warming", "warm", "served warm" marketing is annoying but they are right the chocolate croissant must be warmed

Ok I'm over it and am leaning towards being a promoter of the croissant products.

Ps if you are in Phoenix I was as St Joes and there Starbucks is still serving the old pastries 


Diane said...

That's odd St Joes has not changed yet.

Sara Watson said...

RO - love the post title :) see, change can be good!