Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When did I become that person?

I have always liked coffee. Even when I didn't care for the taste I loved the smell. Coffee was always a desert of sorts.

Coffee candy, coffee ice cream and on occasion a coffee ordered after dinner. At Scottsdale I would get a coffee for breakfast when I was called in (usually every other Friday at 3 am to do an IVP for some guy birthing a kidney stone.)

Coffee maker in my house, uh no. Unless you count the one I got for a present that I kept when my aunts visited.

When I started at Perot there was this whole Starbucks culture. The girl I car pooled with was very specific about her Grande latte, extra hot and little foam. I meekly ordered a large plain coffee. Overtime (and introduction to Kim who owes her Starbucks habit to Becca) I fell in love with Chai tea.

Starbucks, Hob Nob, Dutch Brothers, Dunkin Donuts, and a expensive Kruger machine in my house. Now I am very specific with my drink of choice (Venti iced black with three stevia, if no stevia than sweet and low). If I'm in an adventurous mood its a Grande skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot. And if I'm craving sweets (or need to get rid of a migraine) its a Grande chai tea, no water with am extra pump of chai.

And I need it in the morning. Really who is this person?

And this morning for an early morning flight the gate only had Burger King coffee. I was offended. And I bought it.


Sara said...

the goal of the week is to switch off of Monster and back to coffee. once we finally get around to wedding registry, we will be going for a top-o-the-line coffee maker vs. the one he has for mom's visits ;)

Diane said...

Lol to your story and the "girl" you used to carpool with

Kim Thomas said...

I love that person