Thursday, September 27, 2012

No wonder dad is always so happy

My mom sent this to us in August in reference to my dad's happiness:

Thomas Dreier tells the story of a man over eighty who was observed by a neighbor to be planting a small peach tree.  “Do you expect to eat peaches from that tree?” the neighbor asked. 

The old gentleman rested on his spade. “No,” he said.  “At my age I know I won’t.  But all my life I’ve enjoyed peaches---never from a tree I had planted myself.  I wouldn’t have had peaches if other men hadn’t done what I’m doing now.  I’m just trying to pay the other fellows who planted peach trees for me.”

I love it!


Sara said...

aw - I love that!

Diane said...

How awesome is that! Your dad is a good guy:)

Andrea said...

I love this....and thanks for the tear to the eye. Something we all need to remember...that what we plant somebody else will have the previledge or burden of sowing. Ooo, look at me getting all philosophical.

Kim Thomas said...

David and I hate the super tall California King Palm Trees and decided not to plant it.....later we realized we wouldn't be here to see it super tall. We are missing out