Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy Independence Day to all!

In support of Independence Day, I am highlighting how great my children are in their own separate ways. It is so awesome they have the freedom to be who they are (and I we couldn't have done more different activities together this week). 

BT Dubs (I am told by at least 2 of my 3 children that I sound like an adult talking teen language. Since this is REM's word of choice and I got to hang with her-a lot, I am using in her entertainment), The new blogger is impossible to move pics so yes the children are out of order, they are placed in order of who got the most mama time - please don't judge :)


 My desert diva girl (who I will definitely be going into business with) PS she hates this picture due to lack of mascara.  In her defense she has mostly been at the trainer and basketball this week and hasn't had the ANTM opportunity recently.  I think she is the cutest thing ever.

 Skilled (and preparing for her future)




 My walking computer.  Her intelligence mixed with curiosity amazes me! She is also so damn funny (not pictured here is the sleeping kid at the science museum that hit all of our funny buttons!)



 Adventure (Thanks Aunt Alice for a great time in OK)



 Styling x2


With MJM working I have had limited time to hang with her.  I am more proud than you can even imagine.  She is putting her all into her job. I would hire her in a heartbeat.  She is responsible (car is 99% clean), her laugh warms my heart and has been a lifesaver with assisting with transports.

In her wind down time (which could be blog in its own) distortion was our activity of choice (in my defense it was 10 pm and I was super tired to even let this happen)

Posing, Bonding, Compassionate, Adventure all in one

Love you all - stay true to who you are. I love being your mom!!!!!

And God Bless America!


Diane said...

Your kids are so cool! What is bt dubs? Good luck at your tournaments REM, love CEM's outfit, MJM is growing up fast. Distortion pics are scary.

Alice said...

I had so much fun with Camdyn!!!!!! I am really proud of Miranda and her work ethic and i'm impressed with Rachels basketball career. Love them all.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

LOVE your girls. It's a good thing I found a great reason to stay in Texas, or I might have tried to become part of your fam :)

Kim Thomas said...

Love your independence!! Great post