Thursday, July 26, 2012

Battle of the Buffalo Wings

Anchor Bar in Buffalo has the bragging rights for creating the Buffalo Chicken Wing. Locals dont care so much about which came first but who has the better wing- Anchor Bar or Duffs.

We were led to Duffs first since the clerk at the hotel hates Anchor Bar. Tarzans bff is a creature of habit so rather than trying out Anchor Bar, we returned to Duffs for what they are calling the best wings ever.

I was very disappointed the first visit because they didn't have boneless wings, only chicken strips you could dip into wing sauce (apparently this is a New York thing because I discovered mocking from alll locals when I complained about this).

However, I declare Duffs as the best fried baloney sandwich (on the second visit) I have ever had (probably will ever have).

I also ate three wings after Tarzan took them off the bone for me.

I'd order the baloney again.


Diane said...

Did you even try anchor bars wings? That is a lot of mayo on the sandwich. Surprised you tried one, Ash looks to be enjoying the food.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

hmmmmm.... I have never seen fried baloney on a menu before.