Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Most Inspirational Freshmen Player

Last Thursday the Mountain View High School basketball program gave awards to the Freshmen, JV and Varisty teams. It is always fun to watch your children in their element, but this experience couldnt have been better. REM sat close by at the "team table", I watched her welcome every one, bring chairs over as needed, coordinate signatures for the parent thank you letters and mentor the group (once even telling a girl to get off facebook).

Two girls got a standing ovation. One was a freshmen player who is an amazing defender, the second was REM. Tears trickled down my face I was so proud as she got her most Inspirational "Toro" Award.

Great coaching staff and amazing team.

We are noe into club season. Love what her coach wrote here: Silverstreaks


Alice said...

I teared up reading that.

SAngRiA Smiles said...

I'm with Alice. that is just awesome :) love your girls!

Diane said...

Love this girl! So caring:)

MoM said...

WoW, I love it. Hard work and caring pays off. Love that girl!

Kim Thomas said...

She is so inspritational! Always has been and this makes it official :) XOXOXO