Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Voice

A positive/negative of working from a home office is that you cant just throw a crumpled paper over the top of your cube to get someone to go get coffee with you, or close your office door to gossip with the new Radiology Information Management Manager. So when you meet someone new I will put a face to the voice. Sometimes I am right on. Sometimes I miss the ethnicity and size so badly that one would question my hearing skills.

My last 16 work hours have been working on a project with Jeff and Kristin. I have no idea what either of these two Dell colleague's look like (I did give Jeff hair in my mind until he gave a clue yesterday that he was bald). So I googled the following images.

My best guess of what Jeff looks like
(unknown male who showed up on google images)

My best guess of what Kristin looks like
(Ginger Zee, ABC Good Morning America)

Via this blog they will see what I look like as we finish the next 4 hours this morning.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

do they think Jane only has 1 leg?

no pics on the Dell intranet?

I worked with Mark Toman for like 3 years with a completely messed up vision of what he looked like.

Kim Thomas said...

Dell Intranet is typicaly my go to and I am disapointed when there is no picture.

Of course the pictures on the portal are awful, except for mine.

Diane said...

LOL. I would be interested to see a part two of this post with their real pictures.

Kim, Laura's picture on the portal is not awful.

Spotty can come keep you company if you want, nothing says working at home like a dog barking in the background.