Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I took today off to see my mom and Alice speak in LA. After several failed attempts to complete the airfare purchase the price tripled and I opted to stay in Phoenix on a pto day.

Here's what this looked like

5 am conference call

6 am bff call

7 am closet organization

8 am paint touch up

830 am insulation repair

9 am conference call

10 am boss call

11 am lunch with Janet

1230 pm odd call

1 pm pick up sick mjm

2 pm conference call

230 pm brownie with Tami

3 pm pick up Rachel

330 pm conference call

330 pm sugar cookie baking

4 pm conference call

5 pm Dr appt

6 pm conference call

630 pm great Tarzan/Jess spaghetti meal

7 pm REM basketball drop off

Idol, survivor, bedtime stories, REM pick up

Darn I didn't make it to Walmart

And not sure I had a day off


Kim Thomas said...

Darn that there wasnt an 8PM BFF call

SAngRiA Smiles said...

it sounds like it was a mostly fun day, though :)

Diane said...

This is all? Lol the little girl with cem is making a crazy face.

Andrea said...

Yeah, that does not seem like a day off at all.

MoM said...

Missed you in LA but Alice and I were great. Love you like crazy!