Monday, July 25, 2011

Half of 44 is 22

Today for Tarzan's i5i5 (get it IV IV) birthday we went sport fishing on the coast of California Baja del Sur).

I sacrificed my ball cap (Bass Pro circa 1972) to the Sea Gods and in return they bestowed him with the catch if the day: a 6.5 foot pilot shark. We took some great photos and returned him safely in the waters near Cabo San Lucas.

I caught a 3 ft dorado/mahi-mahi that we took some great photos of before (and after) he was enjoyed for Tarzan's birthday dinner.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Tarzan!

Rae said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday!! You can always get another hat.

Queen B said...

ooh, fun! can't wait to see th epics :)


Kim Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, dear Tarzan!