Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coffee Talk

One of the best gifts Ross Perot gave me is some great, close friends.

Through personal and professional changes. Through life as it happens. Some of the most loyal, honorable women I know.

Awesome coffee and regifting this am with the Queen (who made a incredible traffic sacrifice to come to me) has set forward a wonderful day and a personal reflection of how lucky I am (if we had more time we could have posed in the fountain).

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Queen B said...

ditto! ILY + several other amazing friends that I have met through work.

an hour drive time is worth an hour of Laura time any day of the week :)

Amy said...

You take business trips to CA and TX why not UT? I need some Laura time too.

Diane said...

Love you were able to regift the awesome flower arrangement. Great photo!

Kim Thomas said...

Where's Jane?