Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My sippy cup and my moms shirt

I have been wanting to blog about my sippy cup for a while (this is my attempt at drinking more water-32 oz, I'm averaging 10 fill ups a day)

I am on day 22 and spent a lot of time emptying my bladder (which is where I am sitting drafting this blog now )

My mom gave me a great Bodysuit yesterday that she had struggled with the snaps on. The snaps really aren't that bad, but I have decided the move over technique works better with frequent bathroom trips.

And yes Megan, I am wearing Capris -again. There was an extreme heat warning in Phoenix and I was not interested in skirt sans nylons.
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Diane said...

Ten fill up a day..that is awesome! Love the sippy cup, I need to drink more water. Cute shirt. Happy 22!

Ash said...

And this why I love you LOL!

Queen B said...

love the shoes :)

Kim Thomas said...

Shocked by this outfit, love this post