Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Young Men

Last night I was looking for the perfect pic to post for Father's Day. I scoured through weddings, candids and oldies.

I opted to relook today. Then Megan sent me this gem.

3 generations of the coolest men I know. All with unique yet oddly identical personalities.

I am amazed at my dad and the knowledge,love, fairness and consistentcy he brings to us all.

Happy Day dedicated to you!
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Diane said...

Happy Fathers Day to all!

MoM said...

It is great to be remembered!

MoM said...

I meant the previous comment to go on the 5 pictures that were sent to you. But, Happy Father's Day to the wonderful Father of my children, I am so blessed to be married to him. Happy Father's Day to my awesome son, he is a great father! And Happy Father's Day to my son-in-laws, thank you for being wonderful Dad's to all my grandchildren!

Queen B said...

cute pic! Happy Father's Day :)