Saturday, February 12, 2011


Long week:

-CEM cried 3 times. MJM and I cried twice (apparently it was the best week of REMs 8th grade life )
-Worked over 80 hours
-Didnt exercise once
-Missed three blogs

Finally warming up (note 2 of the 4 of us are dressed appropriately for 64 degree weather).

The weekend has started - and Ruth I am alive, and Kim and Alice I get to see you this week!

And I have a Valentine :)
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Queen B said...

yeah, I had to send out a "Marco" on KT last night.

You look great! No exercise agrees with you ;)

SOOOOO happy to see sunshine and warmer weather.

RuthAnne Skinner said...

Your health status is still up for debate. I'll bring a stethoscope tomorrow.

I would comment more if it was convenient from my phone. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Busy week. You all look great. Mom

Diane said...

Love CEM's boots!

Kim Thomas said...

I cried a little but more the next week.

Glad I avoided interegaton.