Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapstick anyone?

Years ago Tammy dated a guy with the thinnest upper lip. Amy and I promptly learned how to hide our upper lips upon demand declaring "I find it hard to use chapstick-i kiss my boyfriend and his gums bleed "

We may or may not have entertained others with this, but it has become a family classic. Nothing brings me more joy then when a classic is adopted by my children.

Rachel and Maddie tucked in their lips yesterday and we broke into laughter.

And then we posted on Facebook to see who we entertained first. It took Amy 12 more hours than we thought it would take to comment, and we discovered that Diane needed to be brought into the inner circle.

I still wonder. Tammy was he a good kisser?
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Amy said...

I am sorry I didn't comment sooner but I am a busy girl. It brought back some memories that is for sure. :) I think his name was Sean also.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing:)

Queen B said...

RO! I was wondering about that :)

Kim Thomas said...

I first heard this story in Feb 2007