Friday, January 7, 2011

When the 8 year old has the camera

I have a hard fast rule that my children cannot stand up at the dinner table.

You can't sit on my lap, you can't walk around. You can eat, color, have conversation, and sometimes you can play with your phone.

That rule somehow was disregarded when the child was enamored with the fish (I think he liked her) and she was bored with the table conversation about Christians vs Muslims.
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Queen B said...

The fish is very photogenic


The 8 year old is a great photographer :)

Diane said...

Who wouldn't like her!

Anonymous said...

And she is a great photographer (I won't be surprised to see her photos on the cover of National Geo.) Mom

Kim Thomas said...

When my child walks around the table during dinner with you and your girls I am embarrased